Benefits of an Access Control System 

Think Smart Security are specialists in the design, installation and maintenance of access control systems. 

Local authorities, healthcare settings, schools, warehouses, corporate settings and more are fast adopting a more flexible and modern approach to access control on their premises. 

Below we explore some of the benefits of our access control systems.

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Elimination of Traditional Keys 

Bulky sets of keys are impractical and losing a key can be costly and jeopardise security. Access control eliminates the hassle and risk of traditional keys by providing each holder with a single means of accessing parts of the building

A centralised administrative interface allows those with authority to tailor each holder’s access, eliminating the need for endless keys. 

Permissions can be withdrawn by those with authority in an instant, so, if using an access control system that utilises access tokens (key cards/fobs), these can be voided if lost before any harm is caused. Alternatively, we can provide access control systems that use biometrics, eliminating the risk of losing or misplacing an access token altogether. 

Easy Management

Our access control systems can be managed via a single cloud-based interface capable of holding up to 1000 doors across different sites on each server. This system can also be integrated with our CCTV cameras and alarm systems. 

Activity Tracking

Access control systems are flexible and scalable, with a wide range of features that can be enabled or disabled to suit your needs during the design process. 

Access control can provide you with a detailed log of individuals who were in a specific area at any given time, act as an attendance log for signing in/out and provide an instant list of those on site in the event of a fire alarm. 

Range of Products

Our access control systems can be designed in line with a client’s preferences, with a range of systems including those using access tokens such as key cards and fobs, biometrics such as thumbprints and facial recognition or even mobile phone (Bluetooth) apps to give access. Often clients will opt for a hybrid system which combines more than one means of access. 

Equally, clients may choose to install power assisted doors that open when access is granted or automatically unlock in the event of a fire alarm. 

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